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Beginning my programming journey at the tender age of 11, I have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of multiple programming languages, including C#, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and Python, always adapting to suit the task at hand. My foundational experiences in Visual Studio, initially focusing on console applications and later expanding to Windows Forms and occasionally WPF, fostered a passion for C# which served as a stepping-stone into the world of Unity game development.

My dedication and innovation in game development were recognized consistently at the Slovak national IHRA competition, where my entries were awarded year after year, solidifying my pursuit of a career in this exciting field. My interests, however, extend beyond the realms of game development, encapsulating diverse fields such as musical theory - culminating in a nine-year education and participation in an orchestra as a clarinetist, robotics, and visual arts. This varied background, including pixel art, character design, and 3D modeling, has significantly broadened my skillset as a game developer, enabling me to lead with greater effectiveness and vision.

The manifestation of my entrepreneurial spirit was Team Edprodcution, an Indie Game Development venture that evolved from my solo projects into a thriving collaboration of over twenty talented individuals, which I had the privilege of managing. As the momentum of Edprodcution slowed down in 2018, I ventured into the realm of app development, successfully selling my recipe-searching application, Fridge Chef, to a student-led company in exchange for a profit share.

Despite the nationwide acclaim and success of my project, the dissolution of the company led me to PIXEL FEDERATION, where I worked as a Junior C# Programmer within the UX tech team while pursuing my studies in Denmark. This new chapter allowed me to breathe new life into the FridgeChef project, now with the support of my cousin, a co-owner of the previous company, and a colleague from PIXEL FEDERATION.

The evolution of my entrepreneurial endeavors culminated in leaving my first job, and founding of Shady Gorilla Games s.r.o., marking a significant milestone in my career, shortly before turning 20. This venture, co-founded with the talented individuals behind Fridge Chef, stands as a testament to our collective vision and dedication to revolutionizing the gaming industry.

As I continue to navigate the intricate world of game development, I carry with me a myriad of skills, experiences, and a steadfast passion for creating engaging and innovative gaming experiences.

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