Game Development Mentoring

Eduard Fekete

Eduard Fekete

Game Developer

What do I offer?

As your dedicated game mentor, I strive to offer flexible and versatile assistance to suit your specific needs. Typically, you'll provide me with a version of your game, including screenshots and gameplay clips. From there, I'll immerse myself into your gaming universe, promptly identifying immediate issues and bugs for quick rectification.

As our partnership flourishes, my analyses deepen in scope, tackling more sophisticated concepts in your game's structure and mechanics. Alongside this, I'm here to serve as a consistent guide, offering valuable insights to steer your project towards success.

Whether you're a beginner just starting with a fresh game idea, or a seasoned developer refining an early prototype or scrutinizing an already-published mobile game, I'm equipped to offer my expertise. In essence, no matter where you stand in your game development journey, my services are designed to assist everyone, at every stage, in every possible way.


"I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the extensive effort you put into playing and analyzing my game. Your in-depth analysis, along with the comprehensive document you prepared, was truly impressive and immensely valuable to me as a game developer..."

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- Shoaib Khan Jadoon, the author of Taxi Simulator